slowly but surely

so i finally made it back to k&g bike shop in kettering to get fitted for a bottom bracket. brian helped me again. when he looked at my frame, he asked, “you got the crank?” and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the last time i was in, he told me to get the bottom bracket first and then worry about the crank. no crankset had i, but i think he could sense my distress and offered what they sell in the shop – origin8 cranks!  i gladly chose an anodized green 46-tooth crankset, and brian took my bike to the back. i watched him work on it from the sales area. below are before and after pictures of the frame.

it looks like these pics are kind of small. sorry.

the original intent was to paint the frame/fork beforehand, but time snuck away from me and when it returned, brought some warmer days, and my legs are itchin’ for a good ride. maybe next year. until then, i’m really liking the way it looks, although now i wish i hadn’t removed the decals.

this morning i also ordered a bike tool by bomb tactics. now the only other thing i’ll need is a set of hex wrenches (size 8 & 5) to carry with me when i go.

One response to “slowly but surely

  1. John Morand

    I’ve linked up to tabirdfixie and joined peopleforbikes. I’ve been laying around a lot with a bronchial infection. Sat. just doing the little I did in my garden plot winded me. Just dug 4 holes for tomato plants and I’m wore out on #3. Embarrassing. I’m so close to Kroger and the Library, good places to begin biking, start to get my strength back. Wilmington with new sidewalks a better place for riding. So glad to hear/see the progress on your bike. Really, really, looking good. Gotta have the gear to match the rider, Right. Still don’t like those wicking biker’s pants — me either— any other options are out there? See you after I’ve beat this virus. John

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