gots ’em

got everything in the mail. i had to return a rogue set of track pedals (how did i complete that order without ever hitting “complete?”), and had to return the helmet i had ordered  – oh, Bern, oh Altrec…silly companies with unclear product descriptions (~$14.00 extra spent in returning).  B- agreed that A-‘s product description could use a little clarity and said they would contact A- about it. in the meantime, helmet acquisition still awaits. i suppose i’ll just do trackstands in the driveway until then.

and my pump doesn’t work. never used the presta valve part before, and when i called, they said, “we’ll just send you a replacement.” how nice! except i really don’t want to wait two weeks to inflate my tires. no way around it. if i complete the bicycle before the new pump parts arrive, i’ll come a-knockin’ on john m’s door and plea my case for his support.

One response to “gots ’em

  1. John Morand

    Oh, were you contemplating asking me for support when you called me and we killed 30minutes on the phone? Always glad to hear from you. I’ve helped out in the past and enjoyed doing it. I understand though it is hard to get things done when really tired out. I’d be glad to lend a hand any time. Regretfully I didn’t get your last email in time. John

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