now, on friday, 2 july, just three days after its completion and having a little time to think upon it, here are my thoughts:

1. handlebar tape and/or gloves would be nice

2. i miss my curved handlbars. the lower “level” feels good when really rolling fast, but perhaps the bullhorns are just something different to get used to.

3. until then, i’m going to tilt the handlebars up higher so i can spin the front wheel and do tricks (yeah right, like i’m that coordinated).

4. move the seat forward so that i’m a little bit closer to the handlebars.

5. pull tight the rear wheel. the chain seems to be slightly loose, and i would like to see if i can tighten this way.

6. when i ride no-handed, the cycle leans to the right. i don’t know why.

also, i will have a full-detailed bicycle parts list and photos up soon.

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