this is a blog about converting my dad’s old 10-speed into a rideable work of art.  he gave it to me about four years ago, and it’s time for a make-over.

i’m subscribed to Urban Velo‘s RSS feed, and they keep me motivated, since most of my friends just pat me on the head and say, “that’s nice,” when i tell them what i’m doing.

here are four reasons why i’m converting – my bicycle, that is:

  1. learning – they fascinate me – but i’ve never tried to learn anything about repair/maintenance up until now.
  2. something to do – as if i don’t have enough to do already, but more so, i’m thinking bike polo or trackstands (because we all know that it’s possible to fill a whole afternoon doing trackstands).
  3. art in motion – the color combos and different stuff you can do to it – and it seems logical. i’m not going to be spending a small fortune like i would if i tried to pimp out my car.
  4. simplicity – fixies could be considered a “shaker’s bicycle with flash”

beware: i’m new to bicycles (other than riding them, of course), so some of my info may be inaccurate. sorry. also, i only have a cellphone camera, but i’ll do my best to produce good-looking pictures with it.

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