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complete! yes, it is true. monday, 28 june, John M. and i spent the afternoon/evening putting the thing together. major accomplishments: properly installing/inflating the presta-valved tires and cutting the seatpost to height. At 10:30pm, I left his apartment feeling quite pleased with our accomplishments. thanks, john!

tuesday, 29 june, after work, a nap, and the YMCA, I lined up and tightened the handlebars and the seat. “Old Orange” is now ready to ride! for her test flight, i pedaled to the office to show my co-worker Tyhese, then back down main street to the hospital parking lot connecting to the bicycle trail. passing the walkers, i felt an excitement as my insides beckoned to them to notice my “new” bike. most of them nodded and made eye contact with me rather than swooning over the anodized purple handlebars or green crankset.

down to nelson and back to mulberry. i heard about the disaster at Swindler’s Florists, so i pedaled to locust street to check it. swindler’s parking lot now has a ninety-degree slope, and they are running a pot-hole bouquet special. glad to see phil has a sense of humor for the mess of pavement.

back to the house, larry hops on asking about this “no brakes” concept. yes, it is true – no brakes, but one stops easily enough when needed. he figure-eighted the driveway a few times and hopped off. the bicycle spent the night in the garage, the proper resting place for bicycle of her caliber.


this is the bicycle badge from the Concord Aztec 10-speed. i wonder if i can re-rivet it after i finish repainting. the bike also had a Columbus, Ohio bicycle license sticker on it from 1972 (!), but it crackled to pieces as i removed it from it’s adhesive home on the tube near the rear wheel.