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Day Two

wednesday, 30 june 2010. after work and a long nap, i decide to test the limits of my new build. wilmington, ohio can be potentially and extremely hilly in the outer farmlands in just about all directions. wisdom – at least, i hope it was wisdom – tells me to head east, to sabina. on the backroads i cycled through fields of soy and corridors of corn. traversing the backroads, a 16.3 mile route, one-way.

when i arrived in sabina, no parade or celebration for my bicycle and its first great accomplishment, but we found a lone gazebo by the masonic temple and sat there to rest my bottom and the bike’s cranks.  after rehydrating, back on the road, double-backing the same route in reverse. this time, a bit slower and with a couple more rests. this was the break-in ride, not just for the bike, but for my buttocks, which, two days later, are still sore.

and to my surprise, not one of the hills (two major, many minor) hindered the journey. yes, i had to stand up and pedal a few times, but nothing to deter my dismounting and walking.

when we returned to wilmington, the garage silently welcomed home its new two-wheeled friend.

slowly but surely

so i finally made it back to k&g bike shop in kettering to get fitted for a bottom bracket. brian helped me again. when he looked at my frame, he asked, “you got the crank?” and I didn’t have the heart to tell him that the last time i was in, he told me to get the bottom bracket first and then worry about the crank. no crankset had i, but i think he could sense my distress and offered what they sell in the shop – origin8 cranks!  i gladly chose an anodized green 46-tooth crankset, and brian took my bike to the back. i watched him work on it from the sales area. below are before and after pictures of the frame.

it looks like these pics are kind of small. sorry.

the original intent was to paint the frame/fork beforehand, but time snuck away from me and when it returned, brought some warmer days, and my legs are itchin’ for a good ride. maybe next year. until then, i’m really liking the way it looks, although now i wish i hadn’t removed the decals.

this morning i also ordered a bike tool by bomb tactics. now the only other thing i’ll need is a set of hex wrenches (size 8 & 5) to carry with me when i go.